On the Pulse: Everything you need to know about investing in healthcare

Hello! I’m Namrata, welcome to On the Pulse!

Here I’ll be posting thought pieces on health-tech and investing across the US and the UK. I’ll be exploring macro trends in healthcare, sharing changes in regulation and reimbursement as well as exploring new models of care.

I’ll also be amplifying what I’m hearing on the ground from clinicians, Accelerators and the Angel networks I work with. I’ll be sharing my own investment thesis, the startups I’m working with and describing where the new opportunities are.

I’d be thrilled to hear your comments and thoughts on the articles, as well as any topics you’d like me to write about. If you’d like to collaborate or connect about an investment or advisory opportunity DM me on Twitter.

Further blogpost about my background to follow. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, sign up here 👉🏼